• January 24, 2014

    richard nash

    Richard Nash

    Richard Nash has joined the staff of Byliner, the digital reading service that delivers long-form journalism and fiction to subscribers. Nash, once the publisher of Soft Skull Press and currently the publisher of Red Lemonade, is leaving his position as VP at Small Demons, the company that indexed every cultural reference in Infinite Jest. Last fall, Small Demons reported that without a buyer, it would have to close shop.

    According to the Financial Times, CNN has laid off forty senior staff members, “including a pregnant producer who was two weeks away from giving birth to twins.”

    Another day, another interesting defection: Matt Yglesias is leaving Slate to join Ezra Klein’s new media venture.

    As interest in high-literary thrillers, mysteries, detective fiction, and suspense continues to rise, Penguin Books and Penguin UK announced this week that they are jointly publishing new English-language translations of the French writer George Simenon’s Inspector Maigret series. There are seventy-five books in all; eight are set to be released this year.

    In an interview with Aljazeera.com, Jill Abramson describes the world view and reportorial style of the New York Times as “cosmopolitan” as opposed to “left-wing” or “liberal.”

    After all the noise of #readwomen2014—the many recent New Year’s resolution-like efforts to make 2014 a year of reading women—two bloggers have weighed in with their own respective wish lists for twelve months of books by Arab and South Asian writers (who, yes, happen to be female).