• January 30, 2014

    Following the Washington Post’s decision to not fun Ezra Klein’s new online venture (a decision that publisher Katharine Weymouth has defended), the paper has announced in a memo to staffers that it plans to hire a new bloggers and redesign the website.

    Sappho Poem

    Poetry by Sappho

    Oxford papyrologist Dirk Obbink has determined that two poems written on a tattered piece of papyrus were written by Sappho. One of the poems refers to the author’s family; the other is addressed to the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

    Since it launched 13 years ago, Inside.com has been “part of a Steve Brill mashup, a dead domain, a planned flagship brand that didn’t happen, and a dormant asset waiting to be exploited.” For years, publishing entrepreneur Jason Calacanis has wanted the site himself. Now that he has acquired it from Guardian News & Media, he hopes to revolutionize the way we get news on our mobile devices. “I see this as the next CNN,” Calacanis says of his new mobile app.

    Billionaire entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar has released a video explaining the goals of First Look Media, which will cover politics, foreign policy, sports, and entertainment. The venture is set to launch later this year.

    Blogging is now 20 years old. To mark the occasion, Guardian has asked three blogger trailblazers to reflect on the early days and the evolution of the medium.