• May 29, 2014

    Eduardo Galeano

    Eduardo Galeano

    A blogger points out that the New York Times’s characterization of Eduardo Galeano as having “renounced” his anticapitalist, anticolonialist classic, Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina (Open Veins of Latin America), doesn’t hold water. When you look at the evidence the paper itself provides, it’s hard to see Galeano’s comments as a “disavowal,” (as the Times sensationally called them); rather, “Galeano offered a critique of [his book] and its young author, with the benefit of hindsight and forty-plus years of experience.”

    Gillian Flynn, the author of the much-celebrated Gone Girl, has announced that her next novel will be based on Hamlet. The book will be put out by Hogarth Shakespeare, “a project to retell the Bard’s plays for contemporary readers by well-known writers.”

    The Washingtonian profiles journalist Andrew Sullivan, who has returned to D.C. after an unhappy stint in New York.

    According to the Times, BookExpo America, which opened yesterday at Manhattan’s Javits Center, is trying to be seen as “more welcoming and fun,” by featuring “consumer-friendly attractions like the ‘Hunger Games’ quiz.”

    At a BookExpo event, Kirkus Reviews revealed that it will be sponsoring three $50,000 book prizes, one each in fiction, nonfiction, and YA.