• August 4, 2014

    Tired of complaints about Amazon, Chris Kubica recently spoke with people in the publishing industry about what they thought would make a superior e-book store. “The premise was simple: if we—as readers, writers, publishers, agents, librarians, and booksellers—were given unlimited time and resources to build our own vision of e-book nirvana, what features would it have that are either lacking at Amazon or that exist only in bits and pieces across a disconnected e-book ecosystem?” One conclusion: stay small. “Ultimately, we found that perhaps the best way to get traction against a dominant player like Amazon is not to build something equally titanic, but to build something wee, something human.”

    James Knowlson, author of a biography of Samuel Beckett titled Damned to Fame, has turned up new, formerly classified information about Beckett’s involvement with the Resistance during World War II.

    26003-v1-124xPublisher’s Weekly has named the “most anticipated books of Fall 2014.”

    Jason Diamond, who has covered books at Flavorwire, is moving to Men’s Journal.

    Monica Lewinski is now a contributor to Vanity Fair, Beth Kseniak, a spokesperson for the magazine, has told Politico. “There is no set schedule or subject area, but she and her editor are on the lookout for relevant topics of interest,” says Kseniak.