• August 29, 2014

    New York magazine rounds up the books to look forward to this fall, including Ben Lerner’s much-anticipated novel, 10:04, which publishes next week, Lena Dunham’s memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, as well as new fiction from Martin Amis, Marilynne Robinson, and Denis Johnson.

    Cover of an Arabic edition of Georges Simenon's "The Corpse."

    Cover of an Arabic edition of Georges Simenon’s “The Corpse.”

    Rene Steinke runs down six great books about Texas that go beyond “cattle and cowboys.”

    Jonathan Guyer on pulp fiction and graphic novels in Egypt: “When President Hosni Mubarak breezed off . . . the police dusted, too, leaving behind a Wild West.” Now, in Cairo, “as authorities attempt to restore law and order, the crime genre is making a comeback.”

    Looking back at ten years, and nearly a hundred titles, of the book series 33 ⅓, which lets obsessive music fans hold forth on their favorite albums.

    At the London Review of Books, Jenny Diski binges on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, and wonder why hardly anyone comments on how racist it is: “All the other groups—the Latinas, the lesbians, the poor white trash (just the one tiny grumpy Asian lady)—have their dramas and morality tales, but only the African Americans are shown to be arrogant bullies relying on and rejoicing in brute force and fear to maintain their hegemony.”