• September 12, 2014

    Alan Moore

    Alan Moore

    Alan Moore, the author of V for Vendetta, has finished a million-word novel. “I’m not averse to some kind of ebook, eventually,” he said. “As long as I get my huge, cripplingly heavy book to put on my shelf and gloat over, I’ll be happy.”

    Spin Media laid off nineteen employees and ended the print magazine Vibe, which it acquired last year.

    James Franco’s latest book, Hollywood Dreaming, drops this month. It’s a collection of poems, short stories, and paintings that describe the evolution of his career in Hollywood.

    Guernica has a new column about politics and fiction. The first columnist is Rob Spillman of Tin House, who discusses David Mitchell’s Bone Clocks and Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven. Spillman is hard on Mitchell: “There are so many compelling characters and wonderful turns of phrase, yet they are lost in a self-indulgent stew.” James Camp reviewed Mitchell for Bookforum

    At the New York Review of Books, Michael Gorra on Michel Pastoureau’s book about the color green. The meaning of the color depends on its use, Pastoureau argues. As Gorra explains, for Pastoureau “the history of color is indeed a history and not a kind of allegory in which each hue carries a fixed and single burden.” Pastoureau has previously written on blue and black.