• January 22, 2015

    Thomas Pynchon, 1953

    Thomas Pynchon, 1953

    Does Thomas Pynchon make a cameo in the movie version of Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice? Josh Brolin said so; Paul Thomas Anderson wouldn’t confirm. But take a look at this clip, which includes a scene in a hospital for recovering drug addicts. At 00:57, you’ll see an older male patient being served soup. Now look at Pynchon’s 1953 yearbook photo, to the right. The angle perfectly reveals the resemblance: There’s the overbite, the receding chin . . .  Hi Tom.

    Five more high-level New Republic  employees—including the design director, the production director, and the communications director—resigned from the magazine over the past week. Meanwhile, TNR is one by one filling the positions abandoned during December’s mass exodus. Jamil Smith and Elspeth Reeve have been named as senior editors, Bijan Stephen as associate editor, and Cathy Park Hong as poetry editor.

    Buzzfeed, king of the listicles, recommends that its staff use the word list instead.

    Phillippe Lançon, a witness and survivor of the attacks, describes “the horribly silent minute that came after the departure of the killers with the black legs.” In a statement to the French magazine Libération, translated and reprinted on the New York Review of Books blog, Lançon recalls that day’s editorial meeting: “It so happens that at that last meeting the subject of debate was none other than French jihadists. Tignous [one of the murdered cartoonists] was by no means defending them but, true kid of the banlieues and survivor of poverty that he was, he wondered just what France had actually done to avoid creating these furious monsters, and launched into a magnificent rant on behalf of these latter-day misérables.”

    Genius collaborated with PolitiFact to annotate Tuesday’s State of the Union address, rating Obama’s statements for their factuality.