• February 24, 2015

    Pablo Neruda in the Soviet Union in 1950

    Pablo Neruda reading in the Soviet Union in 1950

    A judge in Chile has ruled that Pablo Neruda be reburied next to his wife, Matilde Urrutia, following an investigation into the causes of his death in 1973. For almost two years Neruda’s remains have been being studied in various laboratories to determine whether his death had been caused by poisoning.

    The Associated Press is moving into podcasts: They’ve recently made a deal with the podcasting network PodcastOne that will allow its audio clips to be used by the company’s two hundred podcasts.

    New York Magazine has a timeline—with choice quotes—of Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Dish, which he ceased in early February. Since January of 2001, Sullivan published 115,436 posts. Since 2008, and received 622,162 emails from readers. The largest donation given by a reader was $25,000.

    Buzzfeed is bringing on a team of tech writers to cover Silicon Valley. Among the new hires are John Paczkowski, former deputy managing editor at Re/code; former New York Times Dealbook reporter William Alden; Nieman Journalism Lab reporter Caroline O’Donovan; and Nicole Nguyen, assistant tech editor at Popsugar.

    The investigative reporter Ken Silverstein has resigned from First Look. He and others, he said, were “told we would be given all the financial and other support we needed to do independent, important journalism, but instead found ourselves blocked at every step of the way by management’s incompetence and bad faith.”