• May 7, 2015

    Al Jazeera America seems trapped in some kind of journalism anxiety dream; amid demotions, allegations and resignations, it has become the story.

    James Franco

    James Franco

    James Franco’s writing career takes an odd turn with this impassioned defense of McDonald’s at the Washington Post. Are we seeing the future of the hot take?

    And elsewhere in standing up for your beliefs, Chris Evans, editorial chief of the UK Telegraph, sent out a mass email telling everyone in the paper’s database to vote for the Conservatives in today’s election. Glenn Greenwald was impressed, and he can’t be the only one.

    It’s been implied that poets must be purer of heart than novelists, since the hope of raking in the cash with a big hit isn’t there (some apparently feared that Ben Lerner was selling out by writing a second novel: “Poets,” he said in an interview, “really haven’t gotten the news that the novel is also dead”). Turns out at least one distinguished poet won’t have to worry about any of this: Alice Notley has won the $100,000 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.