• July 6, 2015

    The Hulk Hogan v. Gawker lawsuit that was set to begin today in Florida has been postponed indefinitely because trial scheduling rules were not followed. Hogan is suing Gawker for one hundred millions dollars because the site posted a sex tape of the wrestling star in 2012; Gawker founder Nick Denton has said that his media company doesn’t have that kind of money. Denton thinks he will prevail in the lawsuit, though, and has defended the post as newsworthy: “We wrote a story which did not simply add another rumor to an already large pile of rumors, but actually sorted through those rumors and tried to establish some truth. That is the definition of good journalism, whatever you think about the subject matter.”

    The influential German magazine Der Spiegel has posted an article claiming that the NSA and American spies conducted surveillance against them to identify confidential sources, and that the CIA used the information to retaliate against a German government official, Hans Josef Vorbeck, who was suspected of leaking sensitive material to journalists.

    Reddit is back to business-as-usual after a widespread revolt by site moderators shut down many popular discussion boards late last week. The moderators were protesting the firing of Victoria Taylor, a high-ranking site employee.

    Juan Felipe Herrera

    Juan Felipe Herrera

    At the LA Review of Books, reflections on the naming of Juan Felipe Herrera as poet laureate: “Herrera’s family has gone from migrant worker to poet laureate of the United States in one generation. One generation. I am an adamant objector to the Horatio Alger myth of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps, but Herrera’s story is one of epic American proportions,” writes David Tomas Martinez.