• July 7, 2015

    Thomas Piketty

    Thomas Piketty

    If you missed the translation of Die Zeit’s interview with Thomas Piketty, the economist and author of last year’s somewhat unlikely blockbuster Capital in the Twenty-First Century, then it looks as if you really have missed it (for now, it has been taken down from Medium for copyright reasons). Piketty accuses Germany of hypocrisy in its current approach to Greece and its debts.

    Karl Ove Knausgaard gets the Vice treatment, explaining why he considers himself “repressed.” And Vice gets the Columbia Journalism Review treatment: A “multibillion-dollar enterprise that continues to be described as ‘swashbuckling’ and ‘edgy.’ That is the irony, and the tension, of Vice. To sustain its appearance of being the genuine article—among employees, viewers, investors, and the media—it needs to be both rebellious and dependable, to have the credibility of the New York Times with the posture of a drinking buddy.”

    As for the real New York Times, it is now trying out Whatsapp as a platform for news: Some readers have signed up to get mini-reports from the Rome bureau chief during the Pope’s nine-day tour of Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay (a less interactive, more pious Gawker Stalker, if you will).

    Ratter is dead, long live Ratter. “We have to basically just build a new Gawker,” says former Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio of the second iteration of his new venture (the first version, intended as a network of local online tabloids, collapsed in May).

    The Millions gets excited about the books still in store for us in 2015.