• July 16, 2015

    Whether just because he made such a fuss about being left off the last time, or because that fuss drew the attention of readers who then went out and bought his book, Ted Cruz has now made it on to the New York Times bestseller list. But Team Cruz wants more—a campaign spokesperson insists that the Times’s initial decision to keep A Time for Truth off the list (they’d essentially suggested that Cruz was bulk-buying it himself to rig sales) was “partisan” and “raises troubling questions that should concern any author. . . . The New York Times has a responsibility to authors and readers to have the Public Editor Margaret Sullivan examine its methodology—and I join others in calling for the Times to do just that.”

    Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

    Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

    Fascinating new insights into the espionage trial and execution of the Rosenbergs have emerged with the release of David Greenglass’s secret grand jury testimony (Greenglass, Ethel Rosenberg’s brother, was a key part of the case against her, which now looks a lot shakier).

    If you thought the UK phone-hacking scandal was over, another journalist (apparently the 66th) just got arrested at his office, at the Daily Mirror.

    As for tabloids closer to home, the New York Post must know it’s gone too far when it starts looking bad next to the NYPD.

    Luckily, some journalists are still making themselves useful: The Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, and Bloomberg managed to get some crucial video footage of a police shooting in California released after the city authorities had paid to suppress it.

    The Awl launches a new podcast with the words: “We don’t really know how to make podcasts.” It’s not likely to reach the heights of that episode of “Mystery Show” in which Starlee Kine helps an unsuccessful author investigate why Britney Spears was photographed with a copy of her obscure second book, but then few things could.

    Suddenly everyone wants to know why we call it nonfiction (and whether it deserves a more upbeat name).