• July 21, 2015

    Nick Denton

    Nick Denton

    Whatever else one says about Gawker, they really know how to make themselves the story. (But should you only have time for one of those links, make it the one in which resigning executive editor Tommy Craggs calls this latest incident “Nick’s Reichstag fire.”)

    If you missed Jonathan Franzen’s sometime protégée Nell Zink reviewing the new Jonathan Franzen (and as we’ve said before, what could be better than a review by someone who really knows you?), it looks as if you’re still out of luck. (A real shame, because one possible answer to the previous question is “a review preceded by the words: ‘On average I hate all books.’”)

    Meanwhile the Fales Library and Special Collection at NYU struck a blow against web transience by acquiring the archive of the digital journal Triple Canopy—always a thing of beauty, now (probably) a joy forever.

    In conjunction with By the Book, a group show about the influence of literature in contemporary art that runs till the end of the month, FSG president and publisher Jonathan Galassi will read from his first novel, Muse, at Sean Kelly Gallery on Wednesday night at 6pm. And next Wednesday—same time, same place—the novelist Jami Attenberg will be reading from Saint Mazie, which is based on the life of one of Joseph Mitchell’s most memorable New Yorker characters.

    Plus, Jill Lepore digs deeper into another legendary Mitchell subject, Joe Gould and his vast, lost “Oral History of Our Time.”