July 28, 2015

For those who like their New York Times corrections as baroque as possible, this piece about Hillary Clinton’s email account (and the phantom “criminal” investigation of her) is a gift. Executive editor Dean Baquet said the slow screw-up here wasn’t staffers’ fault, but Talking Points Memo disagrees.

CK710AcW8AAIENl.jpg-largeIt’s hard to look away from New York magazine’s cover story on thirty-five of Bill Cosby’s accusers, but some hackers did their best to help with that.

Anyone who doesn’t like the idea of a softened-up Gawker has been invited to take the money and get out: William Arkin, former national security adviser to the New York Times and founder of Gawker’s national security spin-off, was asked to go and had some things to say about it. Leah Finnegan—also ex-NYT—is leaving too.

“Artists are assaulters in a lot of ways and the viewer is complicit in that assault. In the same way with the book. I hope readers feel a sense of entanglement in these lives; they are bearing witness to them but there is also something quite intrusive about that.” An interview with Hanya Yanagihara, the author of A Little Life.

A collection of twenty previously lost Pablo Neruda poems, discovered last year in boxes in Chile, will be out in English translation in the spring.