• August 5, 2015

    Robert Conquest

    Robert Conquest

    The historian Robert Conquest has died. Best known for his work on Stalin’s purges, he was also a Movement poet who edited sci-fi anthologies and collaborated on a novel with his friend Kingsley Amis—and apparently now and then got credit for one of Amis’s “jokes.”

    The political cartoonist Ted Rall, dropped by the Los Angeles Times after the LAPD disputed his account of being “roughed up” by an officer in 2001, has had an audio recording of the incident cleaned up and is considering a lawsuit (against both the Times and the police).

    Note to redditors: Apparently doxxing is OK as long as you do it to Donald Trump.

    Gather around and shudder at the tale of the female novelist who decided to try posing as a man when sending manuscript queries. She began to fear she was being “conditioned like a lab animal against ambition,” because agents doubted she could pull off the big book she had in mind. Oh, and she discovered her male alter ego was “eight and a half times better than me at writing the same book.”

    Elle.com, as part of the magazine’s “Shame” issue, is publishing some true confessions, including that of a recovering clickbait writer.

    Meanwhile, the Guardian seems to be hemorrhaging journalists (now including their head of news, Stuart Millar) to Buzzfeed UK.

    Is it just us or does the following seem unbearably poignant? From the man who runs BooksbytheFoot.com (which is pretty much what it sounds like), on people who buy books based on spine color, to decorate their homes: “We had many books that nobody would buy to read. This re-purposes books we can’t sell for reading or collecting. This gives a lot of books one more chance; many would otherwise be sent to a pulper.”