• August 6, 2015

    Thanks to a lawsuit by the Guardian, more information has now emerged about the “off-the-books interrogation compound” in Chicago’s Homan Square—we now know that more than 3,500 people have been detained there, “82% of whom a Guardian independent investigation found to be black,” and there have been “only three documented visits from lawyers to the building since September 2004.”

    The New Yorker seems to be bringing out the big guns on TMZ, with a long report by Nicholas Schmidle, better known for his pieces on bin Laden and war crimes in Kosovo. TMZ employees (former and current) were warned not to talk to him, although it seems fair to say discretion isn’t exactly TMZ’s USP.

    Only one more dose of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show to go.

    The Coen Brothers have signed on to write and possibly direct an adaptation of Black Money, one of Ross Macdonald’s celebrated California crime novels.

    Reddit’s new “content policy” just went into effect. Lots of denizens of unnameable-here subreddits will be sad, and presumably on the lookout for a new online lair.

    In the UK, where there is increasing pressure on teachers to report on any students they feel may be at risk of “being drawn into terrorism,” Homegrown, a National Youth Theatre production exploring why young people join ISIS, has been cancelled just before its opening. The director had been told beforehand that police wanted to look at the script and place plainclothes officers in the audience at the east London school where it was to be staged.