• August 17, 2015

    Robert Christgau

    Robert Christgau

    Robert Christgau—the rock critic whose memoir Going into the City was released earlier this year—recently learned that Medium, where he had been a regular columnist, was no longer going to pay its music writers. But his weekly column, “Expert Witness,” is back, and it has a new home: Vice.

    A number of digital-media editorial staffs—including those at Gawker and Vice—have recently unionized. Now, Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti is making it clear that he does not want his staff to join the trend. In a memo sent to staffers late last week, the Buzzfeed CEO wrote that organized labor leads to a “more adversarial” relationship between the union and management, and that in the case of Buzzfeed it would hurt the company’s strong benefits and overall vision. “For a flexible, dynamic company, it isn’t something [that] I think would be great for the company,” he wrote in the memo.

    The New York Times’s long article about Amazon this weekend provided ample evidence of the company’s ruthless business culture. Many rebuttals have been issued, including one by employee Nick Ciubotariu, who refutes many points in the Times article (and vouches adamantly for his employer’s and his employer’s and his own decency) by  “us[ing] data, and provid[ing] you with actual facts, starting now.”

    Between 1960 and the early 1970s, the FBI assembled a file on author James Baldwin that contains 1,884 pages.

    Dan Duray recently re-read Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho, and was reminded that Patrick Bateman, the titular character, worshipped  Donald Trump.