• August 20, 2015

    At the New York Times magazine, Steven Johnson has crunched the numbers and says, contra years of post-Napster scaremongering about what the digital economy would do to artists and writers, that creative types are still mostly doing fine.

    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump celebrates himself and sings himself on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter. Asked when he last apologized for something, he says: “It was too many years ago to remember. I have one of the great memories of all time, but it was too long ago.” On the competition: Hillary Clinton’s email debacle was “Watergate on steroids”; Jeb Bush, though a nice guy is “very low energy. And you need a person with great energy, enthusiasm and brainpower to straighten out our country.”

    The archbishop of Lima has been caught plagiarizing his right-wing op-eds from the writings of not one but two former popes. (Though presumably his thoughts on the perils of WhatsApp are all his own: “How many families have broken up through WhatsApp? You will say that I am exaggerating, or a retrograde, but no, someone has to say the truth.”)

    Another year, another Jane Austen romcom.