August 21, 2015

Jonathan Franzen tells the Guardian about how “he once considered adopting an Iraqi war orphan to help him understand young people better, but was persuaded against it by his editor.”

Politico has confirmed that labor reporter Mike Elk no longer works there, and has denied that that’s anything to do with Elk’s attempts to unionize the newsroom.

MFA-land tries to think more and better about race.

Screen-Shot-2015-06-01-at-4.58.15-PMCarli Lloyd, who captained the US national women’s soccer team at this year’s World Cup, is publishing a memoir. Too bad David Foster Wallace isn’t around to review it.

And, apparently one primary function of the DFW film has been to make magazine-profile writers feel like a bunch of creeps.

People still can’t decide how to feel about H. P. Lovecraft.

Someone has translated the dream journal of Santiago Ramon y Cajal, discoverer of neurons, who wrote down his dreams from 1918 and his death in 1934 in an attempt to disprove Freud’s theories.

“Writing novels seemed like the most boring possible thing you could do”: Sheila Heti talks on video for the Paris Review about writing her first book.