• October 1, 2015

    You can read Andrew Roberts’s review of Niall Ferguson’s authorized Henry Kissinger biography in this Sunday’s New York Times Book Review. But you might want to prepare first by reading this review of the review by Greg Grandin, author of a more critical Kissinger biography. He points out that the Times’s usual rules on conflicts of interest ought to preclude assigning this one to Roberts, an old friend of both the book’s author and its subject (Kissinger, in fact, originally asked Roberts to write the biography himself): “The Times might as well have asked Kissinger to review his own biography. Or, better, Ferguson himself.”

    Valeria Luiselli

    Valeria Luiselli

    Ta-Nehisi Coates and Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk, are among the finalists for this year’s $50,000 Kirkus prize for nonfiction. Nominees for the fiction prize include Valeria Luiselli, Hanya Yanagihara, and the late Lucia Berlin.

    Yet another alt-weekly, the Philadelphia City Paper, will close next week.

    Newspapers may be suffering, but their old staple the crossword puzzle seems to be thriving. The Wall Street Journal started a daily puzzle recently, and now BuzzFeed is launching one too: The Observer has an interview with its twenty-two-year-old puzzles editor.  

    Emily Books is publishing a collection of work by the writer and poet Jenny Zhang, because, as Ruth Curry puts it, “You get the feeling that she loves being gross. She puts the grossness in service of something powerful.”

    Tonight at the Columbus Avenue branch of Book Culture, there will be a live recording of the Books & Authors podcast: Cary Barbor will be interviewing Eileen Myles about her new collection, I Must Be Living Twice.