• February 18, 2016

    Choire Sicha, who is on hiatus from his site, The Awl, has taken a job with Vox media as the director of partner platforms.

    Meanwhile, one of those platforms is getting significantly smaller: Yahoo is killing off seven of its “content verticals” (i.e. digital magazines), leaving just four remaining. Visitors to the site will still find “news,” “sports,” “finance,” and “lifestyle,” but subjects like “parenting” and “health” have failed to make the cut.

    Álvaro Enrigue

    Álvaro Enrigue

    Apple is refusing to create a key for the FBI to unlock iPhones. This may be a principled decision, but it’s also a marketing move

    The Goodman theater in Chicago has staged an ambitious five-and-a-half-hour adaptation of Roberto Bolaño’s novel 2666. In a Times review, Charles Isherwood admires the spirit and enterprise of the stage version but writes that it ultimately falls short: “As is always the case when a doorstop novel is heaved onto the stage, the inevitable shortcuts drain Bolaño’s tale of its shimmering, mysterious layers, so that we seem to be watching a literal-minded sketch of events, not entering into them.” (To be fair, Isherwood doesn’t seem to care for the novel much either.)
    Tonight in New York, there are literary events galore, all well-worth attending: At McNally Jackson, Hannah Tennant-Moore will perform with Sara Majka and Brigid Hughes; at the Community Bookstore, Álvaro Enrigue will read from his forthcoming novel, Sudden Death; at CUNY, Paul Krugman will discuss inequality with Mayor Bill de Blasio; and at BookCourt, chef Deuki Hong and author Matt Rodbard will talk about their cookbook, Koreatown.