• March 25, 2016

    After all the upheaval of abandoning nudity, it looks as if Playboy may be going up for sale soon.

    Fortune has published a very affectionate profile of Jeff Bezos, who nowadays has, it asserts, “every reason to cha-cha.” It does also note that “the possibilities of a less tethered Jeff Bezos are equal parts exciting (imagine what he’ll do) and terrifying (pity whom he’ll crush).” The one really endearing detail the piece includes, however, is an account of one of Bezos’s less successful innovations, “disemvoweling,” a feature he attempted to introduce to the Washington Post which would have allowed online readers to strip all vowels out of articles that displeased them.

    Ida B. Wells

    Ida B. Wells

    A substantial new annual fellowship has been created to support investigative reporters of color. It’s named for the journalist and activist Ida B. Wells, who led the first anti-lynching campaign, and applications are due by April 18.

    As an American Psycho musical prepares to debut on Broadway, Dwight Garner reassesses the legacy of the Bret Easton Ellis novel (and notes once again the anti-hero Patrick Bateman’s fixation on Donald Trump).

    On the Paris Review Daily, there’s a piece about the writer Gary Indiana’s new visual art show.