• May 26, 2016

    Hari Kunzru

    Hari Kunzru

    In a new video, Elaine Showalter—the author of Hystories and many other critical studies—delves into the context and innovations that shaped Virginia Woolf’s modernist classic Mrs. Dalloway.

    A judge has denied Gawker’s request for a retrial of the notorious Hulk Hogan case, in which the former wrestler was awarded $140 million after suing Gawker media for posting a sex tape on its site. Meanwhile, reports have been surfacing that Paypal cofounder and billionaire Peter Thiel has been secretly bankrolling Hogan’s efforts to sue Gawker media. Gawker founder Nick Denton had already said that he had a “personal hunch” that someone in Silicon Valley could have been supporting the Hogan suit. “If you’re a billionaire and you don’t like the coverage of you, and you don’t particularly want to embroil yourself any further in a public scandal, it’s a pretty smart, rational thing to fund other legal cases,” he told the New York Times.

    While working on his new album, Eyes on the Prize, Steve Gunn drew inspiration from Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost.

    Tonight The Strand bookstore will host a celebration of the new anthology of interviews Upstairs at the Strand, and many authors included in the book will be in attendance, including Tina Chang, Deborah Eisenberg, Rivka Galchen, AM Homes, Hari Kunzru, DT Max, Leigh Newman, Téa Obreht, and Katie Roiphe.

    In an email accidentally sent to Politico reporter Marc Caputo, the Trump campaign revealed that it plans to fight Hillary Clinton by focusing on the Whitewater real-estate scandal.