• April 4, 2017

    Atlantic Media chairman David Bradley talks about his failed purchase of the now-shuttered National Journal.

    Calvin Tomkins profiles Dana Schutz, the artist whose abstract oil painting of Emmett Till’s body has caused controversy at the Whitney Biennial.

    Howard Jacobson is still furious about Trump’s election, and encourages others to stay angry as well. “There mustn’t be a moment when we turn on the TV and think there’s Trump in the White House—that must never feel normal,” he told The Guardian. “That ‘get over it’ thing—ooh, I want to kill anybody who says get over it. Why should I get over it? I’ve actually not met anyone who is as angry as I am about it.”

    Jill Abramson. Photo: Peter Yang

    Lena Dunham talks to Jill Abramson about her upcoming book, teaching at Harvard, and leaving the New York Times. Abramson explained why she always honest about the fact that she was fired from the paper. “I’ve devoted my life to words and their meaning, and so why not?” she said. “If you use some euphemism, people are left wondering, What happened?

    At the Columbia Journalism Review, Kerry Myers reflects on criminal justice reporting. Myers spent twenty-seven years in prison, where he worked as a writer and editor for the Louisiana State Penitentiary’s inmate-produced magazine, The Angolite. “Prison is necessary, but not the way we do it—wasting finite resources and destroying redeemable lives—and certainly not the way we understand it,” he writes. “For the latter, the media is largely to blame.”