May 22, 2017

Guy Trebay

Guy Trebay remembers the exquisite parties thrown by editor and author Jean Stein, the editor of Grand Street and the co-author of Edie: An American Biography, who died late last month. “At these parties one was as likely to encounter Warren Beatty as the Russian dissident poet Andrei Voznesensky. Among the guests were Tennessee Williams in boozy conversation with Truman Capote, Allen Ginsberg in knotty confabulation with John Cage, and Norman Mailer putting on a performance of knuckle-dragging machismo for the apparent benefit of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.”

At The Guardian, Maggie Nelson talks about the second life of her book The Red Parts, and describes the ways in which her work has been misunderstood the first time around. The Argonauts, for instance, was “turned down initially by people [ie publishers] saying it was too academic.” Nelson goes on to note that there’s something “heartening” about the fact that her books have gone on to find an audience, despite publishers’ initial doubts. “I’ve always believed that, in a way, you invent your own readers—and that people can read more complicated books than they’re given credit for.”

The PEN Center USA has named its new board members: The Black List founder Franklin Leonard, author David L. Ulin, Coast magazine editor Samantha Dunn, and author-filmmaker Amir Soltani.

Politico ponders the question: “Should the Washington Post have withheld sensitive details about an ISIS bomb plot” when it broke the story that President Trump had revealed classified information to the Russians?

The Ringer includes Dennis Lim’s critical study David Lynch: The Man from Another Place on its helpful list of films, music, and books to revisit in anticipation of the premiere of the new season of Twin Peaks.