• May 25, 2017

    Amazon’s first bookstore in New York opens today at Columbus Circle. The “physical extension of Amazon.com” uses customer behavior to choose which books to stock. “We incorporate data about what people read, how they read it and why they read it,” said Amazon Books vice president Jennifer Cast. The New York Times reports that reactions to the new store are conflicted. “I’m happy there’s a new store where people can see books and encounter them, but I’d rather we were in there,” said Book Culture owner Chris Doeblin. “If I had the money, I would go and open a store right next to Jeff Bezos’s store.”

    Advertisers are dropping Sean Hannity’s show over his continued reporting on the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

    Sex Object author Jessica Valenti has been hired as a contributing editor at Marie Claire’s website. Valenti will write a weekly column and help the magazine increase their politics coverage.

    Dating app Grindr has hired Zach Stafford as the editor in chief of its online magazine, Into. Stafford, who has previously worked for The Guardian and Out, plans to hire reporters and increase the site’s serious news coverage.

    Maggie Haberman

    At Elle, Rachael Combe profiles Times reporter Maggie Haberman. Working at New York tabloids for a decade has given Haberman her expertise in the “Trump psyche,” Combe writes. “She was accumulating sources who were close to Trump, who knew when he was angry and what he watched on TV and how he could only sleep well in his own bed.” But Haberman doesn’t always appreciate the outside scrutiny of her connection to president, such as David Remnick’s assertion that Trump is her “ardent, twisted suitor.” “I didn’t care for that metaphor,” Haberman said. “No one suggests her male colleagues are ‘wooing’ Trump,” Combe adds.

    Tonight, at the Greenlight Bookstore Lefferts, Emily Gould talks to Barbara Browning about her new book, The Gift.