• May 26, 2017

    Denis Johnson

    Jesus’ Son author Denis Johnson died yesterday at the age of 67. The news was announced by Farrar, Straus and Giroux publisher Jonathan Galassi. “Denis was one of the great writers of his generation,” Galassi said. “He wrote prose with the imaginative concentration and empathy of the poet he was.”

    The collection of O. Henry Prize Stories for 2017 will be published by Anchor next September. The anthology was edited by Laura Furman and includes stories by Michelle Huneven, Alan Rossi, and more.

    Entertainment and culture writer Ira Madison III is leaving MTV News for the Daily Beast. New York magazine’s Lauren Kern has been hired as the first editor in chief of Apple News. Ken Kurson has resigned from his position as editor in chief of The Observer.

    Polis Books founder and publisher Jason Pinter is self-publishing a novel. “I wrote this book during the insanity of the election campaign,” he told Publisher’s Weekly, “and I wanted it out right now, not in 18 months [which is the usual publishing cycle]. I knew I would need to do it myself.” The Castle will be released on June 26.

    The New York Times details the increasingly violent treatment of journalists in the first months of Trump’s presidency. After Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte body-slammed a reporter the night before his election, the Times asks, “In this time of intense partisanship, shiv-in-the-kidney politics and squabbles over the meaning of truth, can Americans come together and agree that a politician slamming a journalist to the ground for asking a question is wrong? The answer, it turns out, is no.”

    At Electric Literature, Rebecca Makkai reviews the new American Writers Museum in Chicago, and asks, “How can we represent four hundred years of American literary history in a way that doesn’t reinforce the unfortunate hierarchies of those four hundred years?”