September 25, 2017

Showtime has announced that it will run a TV series based on The President Is Missing, the forthcoming thriller co-authored by Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

Joe Hagan

Joe Hagan’s new biography of Jann Wenner, Sticky Fingers, comes out in October, and the Rolling Stone founder is apparently “furious” about it. The biography was written with Wenner’s full cooperation (after canceling two other biographies), but he was apparently displeased with Hagan’s portrait: “the book details Wenner’s creative skills but also his cocaine-fueled editing sessions, his cavalier treatment of many of the editors and executives who helped him over the years, and the tortured bisexuality that he only came to terms with publicly in the late 1990s.” After reading an advance copy, Wenner disinvited Hagan from an event they were both scheduled to appear at at the 92nd Street Y.

“They wouldn’t like me saying this, but no one knows what Styles is or is supposed to be. That was really attractive to me.” Choire Sicha talks about his plans as the editor of the New York Times Styles section.

Dana Canedy, the former New York Times reporter who became the administrator for the Pulitzers in July, suggests in a recent interview that she plans to bring a “fresh perspective” to the prizes: “I came into this role with a short-term and long-term strategic plan and have some very concrete ideas about changes I want to make.”

Luc Sante pays homage to John Ashbery: “Ashbery’s [style] was marked above all by a calm, discursive voice, going along at a walking pace, often seeming to have been caught in midstream, maybe half-heard from outside through the curtains. That voice could occasionally sound explicitly poetic or expressionistically fractured, but more often—and more consistently as time went by—it sounded conversational, demotic, mild, even-toned, deep-dish American.”

“I’m so bored with arguments against memoir,” says Wild author Cheryl Strayed. “They’re almost always simple-minded and ignorant. . . . Yes, there are memoirs that are narcissistic and awful! Just like there are novels that are narcissistic and awful and there are poems that are narcissistic and awful and there are plays that are narcissistic and awful. Narcissism and awfulness has absolutely nothing to do with the genre itself.”