• November 21, 2017

    Anthony Scaramucci has been shopping around a book proposal about his torrid ten days in the White House. The Mooch now says he won’t go through with writing the proposed volume, because publishers are only interested in a tell-all, something a “facts guy” and true “team player” like himself just won’t do. However, the proposal, obtained by Business Insider, seemed to promise dirt: “With a sense of nothing to lose, Scaramucci will take you exclusively behind the scenes in his first tell-all book. . . . Scaramucci was under an intense spotlight in those final days, but not everything got leaked to the press. There’s still a lot the public doesn’t yet know. Find out here how strange things really get in Washington.” Over the weekend, BuzzFeed News reported that Sean Spicer is also having a difficult time selling himself after his Team Trump stint.

    Errin Haines Whack

    At the Columbia Journalism Review, Karen K. Ho interviews the Associated Press’s Race and Ethnicity writer, Errin Haines Whack. Whack is part of a team created in 2016 to write about issues of race and to collaborate with reporters on other beats. Whack talks about how helpful data is in proving systemic racism, the stories she thinks will be important in the coming days, and some lesser-known writers to read.

    Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush are the latest media men accused of sexual misconduct. Both have been suspended.

    Novelist Zinzi Clemmons has quit writing for Lena Dunham’s site Lenny Letter and called on other women to do the same. Clemmons posted a message on Facebook saying she would no longer work with Dunham after Dunham initially defended Girls writer Murray Miller, who has been accused of sexual assault.

    Literary Hub has posted two of Kathy Acker’s intricately detailed “Dream Maps,” which the author included in Blood and Guts in High School.

    Tonight at McNally Jackson Books, Ugly Duckling Presse will host an evening of literature from Argentina and Uruguay.