• February 12, 2018

    Jeanine Pirro

    Jeanine Pirro

    Jeanine Pirro, the Fox News mainstay and friend of Donald Trump, has reportedly been considering the possibility of writing a book that rebukes Michael Wolff’s bestselling White House expose/takedown Fire and Fury. Sources say that Pirro has discussed the book with Trump, whom she has visited frequently at the White House. The president has agreed to be interviewed by Pirro. It is currently unclear if Pirro’s forthcoming book, Liars, Leakers, and Liberals, which is due out in June, will serve as the foundation for this Trump-boosting tome, or if Pirro will be starting a new book entirely.

    As part of its “How I’m Making It” series, Fasionista interviews author Choire Sicha about his rise from “amateur blogger” to editor of the New York Times Style section. He’s optimistic about the future of journalism and publishing: “I think we’re actually right now on the cusp of something exciting, which is about membership, subscription, people paying their own way for media they want to support. I think we’re sort of seeing some of the great dalliances with Facebook and platform publishing coming a little bit to a close. I think that people are saying, ‘We actually have to stand on our own two feet and defend ourselves,’ and people want to pay for exciting, important journalism that changes the world or that entertains and amuses. They have shown they are willing to do that and we don’t need to depend on giant platform companies always intervening.”

    The National Book Foundation has announced the lineup for 2018’s “Eat, Drink, and Be Literary” series, which will start on March 13 with Hari Kunzru, and will continue through the spring with events featuring Valeria Luiselli (The Story of My Teeth), Kevin Young (Bunk), and Lorrie Moore (Birds of America). Tickets are on sale here.

    Michel Foucault’s unfinished book, Confessions of the Flesh, has been published by Gallimard in France. The book, which he was working on before his death in 1980, is the fourth volume in his “History of Sexuality” project, and considers thoughts about sexuality in early Christianity.

    The Washington Post has launched what it calls the “most comprehensive Bestselling Books list.” It is the first to “add subscription eBook data from Amazon to its Bestselling Books lists, offering readers the most comprehensive look at what books people are buying each week.”