• July 11, 2018

    Univision has formally announced that is is exploring a sale of both Gizmodo Media Group and The Onion. In a statement, the company explained that selling the properties “further strengthen [Univision’s] position as the No. 1 media company serving U.S. Hispanics, while enabling both GMG and The Onion even greater opportunities to grow under new ownership.”

    Emily Nemens. Photo: Jeremiah Ariaz

    The New Yorker has chosen to voluntarily recognize the magazine’s editorial union. The union noted that the deal was still being finalized. “We’re in this together,” editor David Remnick said in a statement. “The work we set out to do every day is more important than ever.”

    Vanity Fair talks to Paris Review editor Emily Nemens about returning to New York, the history of the magazine, and her plans for its future. “Looking through the archives of the interviews in particular just really highlights how white and male the history of the magazine has been,” Nemens said of a recent foray into the archives as staff assembled an upcoming Women at Work anthology. “So I’m being mindful—the language, the story, the poem are first and foremost, but I need to read against that history and do what I can to make it a more inclusive environment.”

    Incoming Los Angeles Times executive editor Norman Pearlstine announced new additions to his editorial team yesterday.

    At Literary Hub, Samantha Hunt reflects on neighbors, the mafia, and Brooklyn gentrification.

    Ottessa Moshfegh says that she wishes Whoopi Goldberg would read her new book, My Year of Rest and Relaxation, in which the main character repeatedly watches movies starring the actress. “Her particular talent to poke through every scene of fictional film as a real live human being, therefore undoing the illusion of cinema, was a powerful influence on me as an artist back before I even knew I was a writer,” she said. “I would love for her to read my book simply because it is a message of appreciation.”