• November 2, 2018

    Moira Donegan

    The Guardian has added four new columnists to its US opinion section. Moira Donegan, Bhaskar Sunkara, Rebecca Solnit, and David Sirota will all contribute writing on different angles of American politics. The group brings “a range of perspectives that will help Guardian readers make sense of the political and social turmoil taking place in America today,” Guardian US editor John Mulholland said in a statement.

    The Marshall Project editor in chief Bill Keller is retiring. Keller will join the board of directors once a replacement editor has been chosen.

    Fast author Jorie Graham has won this year’s Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry.

    The Cut’s Angela Garbes wonders why “Mom Book” roundups only include books by white women. “Pregnancy and motherhood are experiences as individual as they are universal,” she writes. “We need books that reflect this, and we lose so much — stories that go untold, readers left unreached — when we allow Mom Books, and the discussion surrounding them, to be the exclusive territory of white women.”

    “When I started writing, there were a lot of restrictions on how free a woman could get on the page. I had a lot of paranoia about doing it wrong and how much could I say about myself and get away with because everyone believed that girls are boring,” Heather Havrilesky told Guernica about the evolution of her writing career. “Now, I think that I’ve indulged myself a lot in my career and I’ve been lucky to get away with it. I guess my feeling is that if you’re sharp and you’re a little bit funny you can get away with a lot of shit.”