• November 26, 2018

    Victor LaValle

    Victor LaValle

    Karen Joy Fowler, Elizabeth McKenzie, Laurie R. King and Jonathan Franzen recently served as bartenders at a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood organized by a bookstore in Santa Cruz, California. Publisher’s Weekly reports on how bookstores are “balancing politics and business.”

    Victor LaValle, the author of The Changeling, talks with Ayize Jama-Everett about craft, parenthood, and much more: “What can’t be taught, I think, is personality, a point of view. Teaching writing, as I see it, is no different from teaching painting or teaching sculpture or music. In all those other arts people know you have to take lessons, or if you’re self-taught you have to practice a hell of a lot before you get good. But somehow people think that writing is meant to just come to you. It doesn’t. One way or the other, you’re going to have to apprentice to someone and learn.”

    Ricky Jay—the magician, actor, and author of books such as Jay’s Journal of Anomalies—has died.

    Barry Levine, a former editor at the National Enquirer, is writing a book for Hachette about Donald Trump. According to a Wall Street Journal article about the relationship between Trump and Enquirer owner David Pecker, the Enquirer has actively avoided and allegedly suppressed stories that “could paint [Trump] in a bad light.” But now that Levine is free of the tabloid, it’s possible that he will be able to report freely about the allegations made against the president. Levine, who helped expose VP candidate John Edwards’s affair, told New York magazine in 2010: “I dream of an office in Washington where aides to senators and congressmen come in on their lunch hour and tell us stories.” In more Trump-publishing news, Cliff Sims, former special assistant to President Trump, has sold a memoir about his experiences with the president to St. Martin’s Press. It will be released in January 2019.

    On Friday at Bluestockings bookstore, Amy Scholder and Douglas A. Martin will join other writers to present Kathy Acker: The Last Interview, which is being released next week by Melville House Press.