• April 16, 2019

    Jeffrey C. Stewart

    The 2019 Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded. Winning books include Richard Powers’s The Overstory, Jeffrey C. Stewart’s The New Negro, and Eliza Griswold’s Amity and Prosperity. The full list of winners and nominees can be found at the Pulitzer website.

    Katherine Cusumano wonders why literary novels are so obsessed with cults.

    Quartz is unionizing with NewsGuild. Editorial employees say that they began to consider organizing after the business news website was sold by Atlantic Media last summer. “When Quartz sold to Uzabase we had no reason to worry,” explained Zoë Schlanger, a staff writer. “We’re also not naive to what happens when anything is sold.”

    Digiday’s Sahil Patel examines the “corporate shit show” that was Univision’s acquisition and sale of Gizmodo Media Group and The Onion.

    The Hollywood Reporter profiles the “polarizing” media mogul Bryan Goldberg, CEO of Bustle Digital Group. “While selling your company to BDG can save it from an otherwise inevitable demise, to some it also can serve as the ultimate sign of failure,” the magazine explains. “You’re acknowledging defeat,” one anonymous source says. “There are founders now who would prefer to go out of business than sell [to Goldberg].”